Our Mission

Enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition globally by providing leading-edge innovative solutions.

Who we are

At Intelym, every day we only focus on solving our customer problems, leveraging technology to address their unique business challenges in capital markets. Everyone is building systems to manage trading volumes, aggregating market data and providing decision-making tools. But our key value proposition is to enable you to provide better customer experience as well.

With the ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty of the capital markets segment, coupled with the growing volumes, managing customer risk and experience has become a nightmare for institutions. that is precisely the problem we are focused on solving, through our high-performance and differentiating solutions to our customers.

Our Clients
Our Team
Hari Nair
Founder & CEO
Sameer Paddalwar
Prem Tahil
VP - Delivery
Avinash K.
Rajesh K.
Govind A.
Pravin B.
Shivraj P.
Sachin G.
Pavan K.
Sohil S.
Vishwas Y.
Sandra D.
Mehul S.
Karthikeyan V.
Director, Thoughtpowers
Srinivasan K.
Director, Ensign