Quick Algos

Quick Algos, an open algorithm platform provides algorithmic profiling and execution engine. Built on open architecture and can be integrated with any dealing platform through its standard JSON API.

A Robust & Distributable engine provides the scale to manage higher volumes with industry best performance superiority.

Complex Events

Responding to complex events is never easy, with dynamic market behaviors and a multitude of participants and various regulatory authorities having a bearing on the system. Hence a system should be capable of capturing every market event, whether from a single exchange or multi-exchange and have the ability to respond in real-time.

Quick Algos provides ultra-scalable, efficient and functionally rich algorithmic execution engine. Built in with smart order routing features, the engine listens to events from multiple sources and facilitates timely execution decisions to the algos.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Directional and Execution Algorithms.
  • Smart Order Routing.
  • Equities, Futures, Options and Arbitrage algos
  • Integrate with your Native trading terminal.
  • Fully Customizable open standard API.
  • Option to integrate with Risk Management
  • Adapters to release direct to Market.