Client Connectivity Solutions

The more and more increase in customer base and change in technology requires robust client connectivity solutions, which can provide high throughput, security and ultra scalability.

Our connectivity solutions are industry proven, time and volume tested, facilitates financial institutions to create high performing technology stack.,

Unify – Fix Connection Hub

Unify, is a FIX protocol compliant (4.0+), fully managed, ultra scalable and flexible fix connectivity hub for financial institutions looking to integrate market participants.

Unify helps customers to create FIX connections to integrate with your order management system.

  • Support for all asset classes, stock codes
  • Support for strategy trading, CARE and DMA flows

QuickXcess- Socket Connection Hub

QuickXcess, is a TCP/IP and Websocket compliant trading connection hub. provides linear scaling client connection gateway to integrate your front end terminal solutions to your order management system.

QuickXcess provides open platform API to allow multiple client connections across devices and multiple end points.

  • Support for TCP/IP, WebSocket and HTTP
  • Ready to use client APIs for .Net, Java, iOS, Android SDK, Java Script
  • Support for forward messaging.
  • Guaranteed data delivery.
  • Supports dynamic packet structures
  • Binary, ASCII, JSON and XML data structures

QBus- Enterprise Message Bus

An Enterprise grade JSON compliant message bus to integrate all your applications and provides message orchestration.

QBus, integrates application across technologies and provides seamless and guaranteed message delivery.

  • Ready to use client APIs on Java, .Net, Java Script and C++
  • Open message structure for extensibility
  • In-Memory and persistent store
  • Linear scalability and fail-over
  • Real time application and message monitoring