Quick MDS

Quick Market Data System, is a ticker plant platform used to transport, integrate and manage real-time market data from stock exchanges and other data sources to trading terminals using multicast or broadcast technology.

Built on the Publish-Subscribe pattern,  Quick MDS can be deployed as active-active or hub-spoke architecture. 


Concurrent connections

6000+ concurrent connections in single instance server, Industry leading scalability


messages p.s.

250,000+ messages per second throughput, 


Asset classes

Covering Equities, Options, Futures, Spot and Forex


% compression ratio

More than 65% compression on data delivery, saves bandwidth

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low end-to-end latency.
  • Seamless scalability over 100k+ topics
  • Fully optimized async persistent store for later retrieval. 
  • In-Memory data store for blazing fast computation.
  • Stock, Futures, Option, FX and Commodity Pricing
  • Publish/Subscribe Model on Broadcast and Multicast
  • Indices and Market Messages
  • Historical Pricing 
  • Aggregated summary data
  • Ready to use connectors across technologies/devices

Scalable Platform

Managing a real-time data from diverse sources is a huge challenge to financial institutions, with ever-increasing complexity, data velocity and volume, customers need a solution which can provide greater scalability, flexibility and performance superiority.

Quick MDS provides highly scalable market data aggregation and dissemination system. with its range of APIs, you can subscribe data from any device, any technology.